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Learning to Take Responsibility

Responsibility is a Badge of Honor
Life sometimes is like an performances on stage,you should always exciting and participating in it,you might not be the most talented and motivated people but you are not afraid to take up the responsibility.It representatives of a great man that are always respect by others.

I believe, the root of a spirit which has been essential to me and to all the people is ability to take up the Responsibility .You might worked very hard but somehow could never do satisfactorily in you career.but when you release that it's you responsibility to try ,to success you will never need to regret for the results.

Understand the word "responsibility"
When were you began to understand the word "responsibility" and to learn to always do your duties,your parts faithfully and devotedly, for the implications of that sacred word has dawned on you:The mutual need and trust of people,the co-operation and inter-reliance which are the very foundation of human society.

Later in your life, you might have continuously experience many failures but you never again need to feel regret, doing the best you can make you heart satisfied to think that you have always done everything in your power to fulfill your responsibilities as best you can.

As you grew older and older, changed and improved by those incident and many other similar ones, you began to learn New ideas, new information,new approach,you will become stronger and and strong ..

Words like individuality and creativity are getting more emphasis and more people are rewarded for their hard work and efforts. Such is the opportunity in which will train you grow and mature.

We learn that crimes take place in broad daylight with crowds of people looking on and not assisting. We hear that there are still about  million of children all over the globe who can't even afford to go to elementary schools while enormous sums of money are being squandered away on dinner parties and luxury cars.

 Many people believe, money is the most important thing in the world that must be made, even at the expense of morality and responsibility.The truth is most of whom will not attain fame or prestige and only a few of whom will be success,those who are think critically and act creatively about Responsibility with have the real success ..

You always should remember that the world watches, the world listens, the world is waiting to see your achievement.We couldn't had the same opportunities as any of us here to enjoy a wonderful life today and a hopeful world tomorrow.

It is the greatest responsibility  to face up to the challenges ,use your  wisdom and passion making your goal a  greater and happier responsibility for every one who loving  you.Be sure,you are not going to evade that responsibility.You not going to let people down.Don't You?

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