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FISH raining from the sky!!!!!

Just like a teardrop that clings to my eye
Just like a rainbow that reigns in the sky
You're taking me high
You're making me cry
You're shaking my feelings as time passes by
You're just like a teardrop ready to fly

That is the lyrics for the song "Just Like A Teardrop"By Fragma.In reality,how about some FISH  raining/dropping from the sky!!!!!

FISH  raining from the sky!!!!!

The freak phenomena happened twice, on Thursday and Friday afternoon about 6pm at Lajamanu, about 550km southwest of Katherine, Australia.Lajamanu now has a population of almost 1000,it's not the first time the remote community has been bombarded by fish rain.In 1974 and 2004, locals reported fish dropping from the sky,incident captured international headlines.

FISH rain!

Hundreds of small white fish which believed belong to specie "spangled perch" fall from rain clouds with many still alive. The local resident Joe Ashley, 55,from Jabiru an outback town in the Northern Territory, said: "Usually fish are in the water now they are falling out of the sky what if anything bigger falls out of the sky next? "It could be crocodiles or snake that would be real scary."

rain fish
Meteorologists comments that it was tornados to pull up water (and fish) from rivers and drop them hundreds of miles away. But it was no tornado reported during the incident.

Story Ref:http://www.catholic.org/international/international_story.php?id=35637

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