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Do you think EntreCard Paid Ads scam you?

Do you like the new system?Do you think it not gonna work?My 2 cent,whatever happens to entrecard ,Don't think this way:

" I feel like my blog space is doing slave labor here - showing all of these paid ads that don't actually give me a thing."


Do you think EntreCard Paid Ads scam you?
Do you know what happened lately on Entrecard Ad Network and their Entrecard Credit Cashout Service?Before we can talk about entrecard cash out service.Do you fell EntreCard Paid Ads Scam you up with those Ads?

The Entrecard Paid Ads
If it's complicated for you to understand what Entrecard Ads is and what Entrecard try to do,and it even more overwhelming when listen to what feedback the Entrecard users though about this so called "carrot to give back to the community"project.

I make it simple for you,a entrecard blogger.

Three big "things" you need to know about Entrecard Paid Ads :

1.Entrecard Ads Credits
You don't get any credits when accepting these Entrecard paid ads.Why?simple,this time Entrecard is trying to making money from entrecarders.(those who has the widget install)their asking you to allowing them to earn money both to pay for hosting and to fund the upcoming Cash Out feature(buy back your EC).,They do give out some "statistic"To support the action.
"For those who aren't familiar with the industry, things like the Market cost upwards of US$7,000 to put together, and hosting costs are in excess of US$1,000/mn for the systems needed to serve the EC community at this time. It's not cheap. "

"So, to be clear, your free Entrecard account costs Entrecard a fair chunk of money. We've already done some things, such as selling credits, to help balance these costs so we can continue operating. Paid ads is simply another option
Isn't that sound "scarly"? It's like they are so out of money and they just put the blame on you!_!

2.Eetrecard Advertiser
Regular advertisers that buy ads with Entrecard credit will drop 50% of page impression for their Ads .With the new system,EC paid advertiser (Paid Ads) will appear in one of every two page impression in your entrecard widget.

This mean you change to "show off "on the blog from the blog that you advertise(with EC) reduce by half.These Entrecard advertiser most likely will decrease because of it.

Well,Entrcard belief that the change will not have a significant impact on the value of the spot to an Entrecard advertiser. hmmmm...Now that what we call "talking is easier then doing!"...

3.Make money with entrecard
You can make money from entrecard credit point (EC).Perhaps i should you have a "change"to make money online with entrecard if it not a scam.Yes,for entrecardes,this could be the most essential part.

According to Entrecard ,they will take 75% of the money acquired via the paid ads program to buy back your EC (entrecard credits) .That's right.Those hard EC points,the EC that you earned from dropping thousand of entrecards,the EC that you earned from entrecard advertisers who buy ads from you and the EC that you earned from those who dropped a entrecard on your blog.

EC in exchange for US$.
I have no idea how much the rate for EC to USD since they are so "not enough money"It will announced by Entrecard.

How to control Your (HUGE) new pending Ads.
For paid ads,it will start running automatically on your spot *after 24 hours*. If you really DON'T like the ads(paid ads), you have 24 hours to kick in, before the system starts it up on your behalf. You can *always* hit reject/cancel and have the ad removed, and if you approve an ad, it will start running on your spot within roughly 15 minutes.

If you totally don't like those paid Ads,You can disable it . (fell like a slave ?)
You can stop and disable those paid ads by 2 click! go to your Entrecard dashboard, click on Advert settings,tick the check box for:

"Allow paid ads only if explicitly approved by you "

I will keep using entrecard (I have no choice for the things I have done).Since I still has the right to control over what runs on my blog,It's fine.

And Hey!If you think what Entrecard do is sxck , not fair,etc.go..change you position from Entrecard blogger to Entrecard publisher.Now,It's your entrcard who massively show on others entrecard members dashboard !;!

If you REFUSE to spend any money and would like to have your blog explore to the world ,why don't you drop by here regularly and drop your card,we will spot and list your blog 100% FREE.better then advertise.

You earn 1 EC and some friendships .;)

DropIt2. our own entrecard blog directory.

What others say about paid ads:

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