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Blog about Environment,wildlife,Wisdom, Character,Strength , Motivation , Emotional Intelligence,Movie ,Big Film Review and More.Anythings Wired,Encouraging,Blizzard.We simply Drop it 2 thiz Blog !!

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About "Drop it2 Entrecard"

We spot and link to those who linked and dropped entrecard on out network blog....

We have two lists of link. They are blogs and sites which joined or dropped on us.

1.I Click I Top. (Any blog with/without Entrecard)
Add these button/link to your blog and whoever (include yourself) click on it will sent you to the top position of our link list on the spot!(appear on two blog)It enable your blog url appear on both our Glolbal EQ blog and Entrecard Dropper Blog .Join by placing the link/button now ,even you are not Entrecard members.

2.You Drop You Roll (Entrecard members)
If you drop an EntreCard on our home page.You Blog title,url(with short description) will added to the "Drop and Roll" list,it is a "AJAX slide effect"widget that show top 30 troppers who recenlty dropped their entracard to oor blog,the list updated hourly.Demo 

3.Drop It2 Directory(upon request) We link back to your blog with 100% dofollow direct link which can help in increase your Google PR.Unlike the official entrecard listing(they use url redirect like:http://entrecard.com/t/oc/26041) Check out How much link weight/value you get from Entrecard.com at Extra SEO Link juice for your Entrecard Blog.

The directory is optimize with the faster loader time among all the directory you can find.No pop up,pop under ads,flash ads whatsoever.


If you're using blogspot as your blog platform ,blogger fast installation available.

*You can remove the code/link anytime if you feel you need to,no heart feeling.(I can remove yours whenever I need 2 ;)

*drop.it 2 Network blogs are generally family and friendly blogs.You will never find illegal contents in our blogs.NEVER!


Editor's note:
My most concert is the quality of blog content .I always stop at the blog that has great contents.It made me no time to drop more card .Honesty ,I almost spend all my time on the blog content rather then dropping card .

I have to say "drop and run" really not my style,It made me a truly "Casual and relaxed" dropper .You ask:Didn't you concern about the popularity of you blog if you not dropping a lots Etrecard?I don't know..I think i will drop more card if i have time.

Thank you.

If you have installed our older version button you can replace with the new one or have then both.The new code will listed your blog on our blog when someone click on it.

Happy Blogging!


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