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The Impacrt and Effects of Depression To Human

We talked about the Impact of emotion happiness and Sadness to Animal and how depression and sadness commit suicide action to animal. Now what are the impact of depression on a human mind?

Depression can affect anyone.I've been suffering from depression since I was a kid. That may sound unbelievable to some of you that depression can possibly experienced that early, or it may sound incredulous if you don't even believe that depression is something that is very difficult to deal with. .Sure, some believe it's not a real medical condition,but that it is people being lazy and needing to "pull themselves up by their boot straps." This is definitely not how it works. mental illnesses and depression are Medical Conditions .Depression is a serious condition that affects millions of people.

Some people don't need to take medication for their depression. They use other methods to beat it, and that usually works for mild depression or dysthymic disorder (a low-grade chronic depression). For Major Clinical Depression such as I have, medication has been a god-send for me. I don't know how I'd cope without the alteration these drugs cause in my brain chemicals. For some reasons, these chemicals (dopamine, norepinephrine, and seratonin) don't work well enough on their own. So for me, medication, cognitive-behavioral therapy, exercise, and general daily activity help a lot in getting better from this disorder.

I also have panic disorder with agoraphobia. Medication has helped with this also. For those of you who are not familiar with this condition, the panic part of is severe anxiety that sometimes causes panic attacks. These attacks include but are not limited to the following: shortness of breath, dizziness, fear of dying, tightness in the chest, and sweating. There is also a general sense of anxiety that is persistent most of the time. The agoraphobia part is a fear of leaving the house or of being in places where one feels he or she cannot easily escape such as a crowded store or traffic.

I do a lot to try to escape the pitfalls of depression, including the treatments I mentioned earlier in this blog. Blogging itself also helps.

I hope that this blog will be of benefit to someone. This isn't the most fun thing to talk about, but I'm not ashamed of my disability. Frustrated, yes, but not ashamed. People who suffer from depression don't ask for it, and more people should seek help when they need it. It is not a form of weakness or a lack of self-motivation. It's a real medical condition with so many treatment options. If you're depressed, please get help. You're not alone.
Tomas said...

visiting your site is itself like the healing from depression. It looks visually appealing and is very informative - totally everything relate to me directly here. Viewing your site was like taking the medicine. I was inspired with the vision to exchange the links with you, to stay in touch with you constantly and put your link on my blogrol. Thank you for the inspiration to grow and not to close Tomas' sketchbook that was just started as one more blog of Tomas Karkalas and bow to you respectfully.


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