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10 Captures Wildlife Love Flowers Part 2

Flowers make people And Wildlife Happy. Flower essences can help in enhance and balance mental,physical,emotional and spiritual health.
Each flower is a soul opening out to nature.

If I had but two loaves of bread, I would sell one and buy hyacinths, for they would feed my soul.
- Koran

People from a planet without flowers would think we must be mad with joy the whole time to have such things about us.
-Iris Murdoch, A Fairly Honourable Defeat

Flowers are love's truest language.

He is happiest who hath power to gather wisdom from a flower.

Mary How

flowers and wildlife

The violets in the mountains have broken the rocks.
-Tennessee Williams

Nobody sees a flower ,really , it is so small it takes time,we haven't time — and to see takes time, like to have a friend takes time.

Georgia O'Keeffe (1887 — 1986)

flowers and wildlife
The most precious gift we can offer others is our presence. When mindfulness embraces those we love, they will bloom like flowers.

Earth laughs in flowers.
~ Henry David Thoreau

flowers and wildlife

"According to behavioral research conducted at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, nature provides us with a simple way to improve emotional health - flowers. The presence of flowers triggers happy emotions, heightens feelings of life satisfaction and affects social behavior in a positive manner far beyond what is normally believed."

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