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Wildlife Facts-->Raccoons?

What you know about raccoons?


You Know what Scientists say ? Scientists say that raccoons are as smart as primates.

Raccoons are extremely smart.Their ability to survive in town confirms that they do have "smart thinking".well, compare to those skinny snake..Whip-smart and curious, raccoons are resilient urban residents.

Habitat of Raccoons
Raccoons require habitat that has ready access to water and prefer to live in moist woodland areas . However, they can also be found in farmlands, suburban, and urban areas.

Raccoons prefer to build dens in trees, but may also use woodchuck burrows, caves, mines, deserted buildings, barns, garages, rain sewers, or houses,you name it. Raccoons can live in a wide variety of habitats from warm, tropical areas to cold grasslands..

raccoon feed.jpg

Common myth about Raccoon.
Some people might think they can contract rabies in the wild, the chances are no greater that any other wild animal. Another myth is that they always wash their food before eating, (kind of cute) which is not true either. It just a normal habit that when holding their food before eating.

Adopt a homeless wild raccoon?
If you think you can keep a raccoon as a pets,you should think twice before deciding to buy one of these cute little bundles,raccoons are wild animals,they are wild by nature and can be very hard to handle. 

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Illustration:The footprint of Raccoon

Raccoon's Talent
Raccoons are excellent climbers and strong swimmers, although they may be reluctant to do so. Raccoons don't travel any farther than necessary; they travel only far enough to meet the demands of their appetites.

Human and Raccoons
Human activities destroy more and more wildlife habitat nowadays.And one of The Forgotten Victim is Raccoons .

As we destroy more and more wildlife habitat, we force animals like raccoons to come into closer contact with us and become an uninvited guest to your house.

raccoon eating.jpg

Human and Raccoons
Many conflicts occur between human and raccoons when raccoons searching for food or take advantage of cavities in human dwellings to raise their young. In much of the U.S. raccoons are hunted just to "protecting our(human) garden or backyard" .

What Should You Do
If you found uninvited raccoons in your garden or yard ,there's no need to panic or pay hundreds of dollars for trapping services because most problems can be easily resolved with some simple tricks with some household materials,just leave the raccoon alone and keep people and pets away from the animal.

If you feed your (lazy) cats or dogs outdoor, the solution is to feed you pets only at a certain time in the morning or midday, then take away any uneaten food. Don't worry about your dogs or cats,your pets will get used to the schedule and modify their behavior accordingly.When Raccoons find that there is no foods in your garden or backyard ,they most likely will leave you house just like that.

Save Raccoons
Raccoons are intelligent, fascinating animal ,stop over acting or try to kill them. They just a small animal that living on their own,they wont harm you and will go away after they get their food.You should aware that if you leave your pets food out there all the time, you will attract not only raccoons but other animals like snake!!!

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